Is Coaching for You?


As we move through life, we encounter many opportunities, obstacles, transitions, and difficulties. Often, these aspects of life can be overwhelming, especially when they seem to happen all at once. Coaching is a process that enables you to discover and develop the skills and abilities you already possess, as well as create new ones. A skilled certified coach supports and frees you to reach your full potential as a business person, employee, family member, and an individual.

At The Center for Leadership and Life Development, we specialize in both Leadership and Life Success Coaching, offering a solution for both your business and personal needs. Through a specialized coaching processes, we gently guide you, helping to reveal what’s important to you as well as what options and decisions support the life you desire. Leadership and Success Coaching is not therapy, it is acquiring the tools to unlock what’s already inside you – and the results are balance, success, and happiness.

“I recommend The Center for Leadership and Life Development. Lee and Rick listen, understand, and are non-judgmental. They communicate effectively and work within your own style. As coaches, they take you as far as you’re willing to go to make changes within yourself.”

“When I felt I was ready to leave my past behind me and start my future, I began working with Rick as a coach. This relationship with him literally helped me change my life.”

Business Leadership Coaching
In today’s complex business environment, having experienced Leadership coaches in your corner gives you an advantage. At The Center for Leadership and Life Development, the coaching team of Richard Nardine and Lee Atherton guides you through many types of business processes and challenges, including:

* Startups
* Transitions and growth
* Family business challenges and dynamics
* Succession planning
* Motivation
* Strategic Planning

Business Leadership Coaching is a process that offers professional experience and perspective, while allowing you to discover and develop your leadership skills. With the help of The Center for Leadership and Life Development, you’ll learn how to:

pic_rick_matt* Create and execute a plan
* Set and reach realistic goals
* Identify priorities
* Overcome challenges and obstacles
* Make better business decisions
* Better manage your time
* Improve productivity
* Create and manage effective work teams

“Rick helped me figure out what I’ve always really wanted, what was holding me back and how to make the changes necessary to achieve it.”

There’s no better time than now to start developing the leader within and creating the life you dream.

Life Success Coaching

pic_lee_rick_3Juggling a career, family, and personal life can often be very challenging – sometimes leaving us feeling frustrated, unfulfilled, and out-of-control. A Life Success Coach provides perspective and guidance, allowing you to re-discover your goals, priorities, and purpose. Lee Atherton, M.Div. and Richard Nardine, CPC, PsyD are a powerful coaching team providing the tools you need to get through many different transitions and challenges, such as:
* Career changes
* Lifestyle changes
* Personal relationships
* Family issues
* Grief and loss

Life Success Coaching is a process that allows you to discover, acquire, and develop the skills and abilities that lead you toward a more fulfilling life. With the help of The Center for Leadership and Life Development, you can reach your full potential by learning how to:

* Discover your passion
* Establish better goals
* Identify priorities
* Formulate and execute a plan
* Make better decisions
* Balance your work, personal, and family time
* Improve happiness

“When we began working together, I thought the ‘problems’ I was facing were in the workplace; with Lee’s guidance I found the solutions within myself”.

Want to learn more? Call us at 508-485-5798 or email us at for a FREE consultation and decide if Business and Life Success Coaching is for you. All correspondence and coaching is confidential and any information shared is held in the strictest confidence.