About Us

pic_lee_mattThe Center for Leadership and Life Development is an organization designed to help business professionals and other individuals through Leadership and Life Success Coaching.  Principals Lee M. Atherton and Richard L. Nardine are certified coaches with years of real-world experience.  As a team, they guide you through the discovery process and enable you to better manage your challenges, changes, opportunities, and results.

Through the coaching process, you discover skills and abilities you may already possess as well as develop new ones, unlocking your full potential and allowing you to succeed in business and in life.


pic_rickRichard L. Nardine, Psy.D., CPC is a graduate of The College of Executive Coaching and the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology. His years of experience give him the expertise and perspective necessary to coach sole proprietors, and other business principals through the many aspects of their professional and personal lives. Beyond his experience in the business world, he also has extensive experience with coaching individuals toward personal success.

“Rick helped me figure out what I’ve always really wanted, what was holding me back, and how to make the changes necessary to achieve it. He possesses a high level of expertise, professionalism and integrity.”


pic_leeLee M Atherton, M.Div is a Personal Success Coach who collaborates with women to live a life they enjoy.  She coaches women in transition in their life, whether changing job or career, transition through the stages of their children’s’ growing up and eventually leaving home, and more.  She also helps overwhelmed and stressed women find balance in their life.  She does all of this by discovering passions, values, dreams and goals and giving them tools and strategies to create what they desire.  In addition to coaching, Lee, as an ordained minister, creates personalized weddings, funerals and memorial services.  You can learn more here.

Lee is a graduate of The Coaches Training Institute and Erickson International.  Her approach to coaching is based on compassion, balance and fulfillment. Through her ministry and coaching, Lee has the opportunity to help many people develop meaning and purpose in their lives.

“Lee has the ability to see the big picture. Her intuition and coaching helped me to see outside the box.”

For your business, family, and personal life, The Center for Leadership and Life Development is your partner for success. For more information, call us today at 508-485-5798 or email us at info@TheLeaderCenter.com